5 Cocktails You Need At Your Fall & Winter Celebration!

If you’re planning an event this Fall or Winter, here’s a list of cocktails that must make it on the menu! Be it a wedding, corporate event or holiday party, these cocktails will (literally) elevate your guest experience and maybe even coax some people onto the dance floor!

bourbon, cynar, carpano antica

A little bourbon never hurt no one! And paired with the woody taste of cynar and lingering hints of carpano antica, this easy rider is sure to take you where you need to go.

aged rum, pear, sweet spice syrup, lime

Nothing better than the simple mix of pear and rum. Add in our house made sweet spice syrup, throw a lime on top, and what you’re left with is nothing short of pearfection.

rye whiskey, averna, pomegranate, tamarind

This third cocktail incorporates all the citrusy goodness you can imagine. Pomegranate, tamarind and Averna straight from Sicily? Ciao bella, that’s beautiful! Do you even need to add a spirit? Yes, of course you do, and what better than a little whiskey!?

tequila blanco, apple cider, lime, honey, fennel oil, cinnamon rim


This next one is a personal favorite. I mean what can go wrong when you add a little tequila to a party? Just kidding - less questions, more drinking!

vodka, rosemary infused cranberry juice, aperol lemon juice, simple syrup, club soda


Much more than a vodka cran - this final cocktail transports you to the first snowfall of an enchanted forest. Yes my friends, winter is here, and even Jon Snow won’t come back to life after this one.

Well, there you have it. Five cocktails that are a must have at any upcoming fall / winter events! And if these don’t do it for you, there’s plenty more where they came from, so feel free to comment, email, and ask any questions you may have! Your next catering event is just one cocktail tasting away from perfection!

Photos by Arielle Vey

Written by Rosemary Blesio